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Mico is a pioneer brand with brilliant history in ceramic, porcelain and slab industry. Using the latest technologies, high quality material, and world-wide design’, is leading Mico to the highest level of market. We believe that our clients are the main assets of our company and offering a world – class experience and customer satisfaction are Mico’s most important achievements. Today we can proudly announce that Mico products are being exported to more than 20 countries

A black porcelain slab with a smooth surface and subtle veining, perfect for countertops or flooring.

Mosaico service (chipping)

Mosaic services allow customers to design their own customized mosaic with different designs of slabs and even mix it with other materials such as wood steel and mirror.


Lava Black


Porcelain ceramic "Lava Black" design from Miko brand marble collection has a unique design with black background color and golden orange streaks. This design is derived from molten volcanic material known as lava, which is produced in 6 random faces. The black color of this ceramic slab evokes power and grandeur. Contrary to everyone's opinion, this color is not the color of despair and mourning; Rather, it is a sign of good taste and a stylish and special design.

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Porcelain ceramic slab "Alma" design is a classic design from the marble collection and has a bone cream background color with gray, beige and brown streaks, which is produced in a 6-face random format and also has a bookmatch design, which is liked by people who They are looking for bright decorations. If you are looking for a brown color slab to use next to this miko ceramic, I suggest Fantasy Brown porcelain slabs, which create a good balance together, and you can use this combination in bathrooms as well.

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