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Welcome to the Decor Design Collection by Mico.

A living room with porcelain slab like sunshine

Welcome to Mico, where artistry meets functionality in the world of porcelain slabs. We are thrilled to introduce our latest masterpiece: the Decor Design Collection. This exquisite collection is a testament to our dedication to innovation, craftsmanship, and design excellence. With six distinct products, namely Sunshine, Mountain, Azalea, Ocean, Historical Green, and Flower Garden, we invite you to embark on a journey through a spectrum of breathtaking visuals and captivating textures.

Sunshine” – a radiant embodiment of warmth and positivity. Its gentle golden hues evoke the feeling of sun-kissed mornings, spreading an aura of joy and vitality wherever it graces. Perfect for spaces where an invigorating atmosphere is desired, Sunshine brings the outdoors inside with its harmonious blend of natural beauty and timeless elegance.

Mountain” encapsulates the grandeur and tranquility of majestic peaks. Its intricate patterns mirror the rugged terrain, creating a sense of awe and serenity. With Mountain, you can transform your surroundings into a sanctuary of peace, where nature’s strength and stability coexist perfectly.

Azalea transports you to a realm of delicate beauty, inspired by blooming flower petals. Soft pastel tones and intricate details mimic the enchanting allure of blossoms in full bloom. Whether used as a focal point or a subtle accent, Azalea adds a touch of refined charm that captivates the senses and captures hearts.

Dive into the depths of “Ocean,” where the captivating play of blues and greens mirrors the endless expanse of the sea. This design encapsulates the ebb and flow of waves, bringing a sense of movement and vitality to your spaces. Ocean’s timeless allure creates an environment that exudes tranquility and invites you to embrace the mysteries of the deep.

Historical Green” pays homage to the elegance of Iranian bygone eras. With its rich emerald tones and intricate motifs, it evokes a sense of nostalgia while remaining thoroughly modern. This design allows you to infuse a sense of history and sophistication into your surroundings, making a statement that transcends time.

Finally, “Flower Garden” invites the beauty of nature to flourish indoors. Its lively colors and intricate compositions replicate the enchanting chaos of a blooming garden. With Flower Garden, you can infuse your spaces with vitality and creativity, transforming them into lively canvases that celebrate the ever-changing cycles of life.

At Mico, the Decor Design Collection is more than just porcelain slabs; it embodies our passion for design and our commitment to transforming spaces into breathtaking works of art. Each product in this collection tells a unique story, allowing you to express your individuality and create spaces that inspire and uplift. Welcome to a world where elegance meets innovation – welcome to the Decor Design Collection by Mico.

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