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Mico group consisting of three brands Mico ceramics and porcelain, Micohome, and mico marble- with 30years of using the latest technologies, skills, and the use of modern design- has constantly tried to produce goods with quality above the market for its customers so that today it would be know as a good and reliable name among them .

Elegant Inspiration To Dream


Mission & Vision

Get in touch with nature’s elements with Mico Group. All of our goods and services are aesthetically pleasing and draw their inspiration from nature. With Mico Group, dreams come true. All of our goods and services assemble like puzzle pieces to create settings that reflect people’s desires. With Mico Group, experience the finest. High-tech equipment and the finest materials were used to make all of our goods and services.
Mico Group’s vision is to become known as a leader in the region for producing fine porcelain slabs, ceramics, natural stones, and home furnishings like a washbasin. Mico with a commitment to quality, creativity, and sustainability wants to be the best choice for clients, architects, and designers who looking for a quality experience and a different lifestyle.

Other Services

Design and Architecture Services

The operations of the Mico Group extend from the factory into your house. For client orientation which is very important for us, we work closely with them from each product and service selection stage to execution. By creating thorough execution plans and 3D renderings of the space, the Mico Group will provide advice to buyers of its products, enabling them to make better decisions and better satisfy their own needs. This will be done with the assistance of a team of design experts.

Installation Services

Implementation and installation of slabs are as important as choosing a high-quality slab. Installation of large-sized slabs is a specialized operation that cannot be performed without professional training and equipment.

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Office M-45, The curve building,Sheykh zayed Road , Dubai, U.A.E





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