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Display of innovation and technology in the ceramic industry at the BIG5 2023 exhibition

In the heart of Dubai, where innovation is at its peak, Mico Group, a leading manufacturer of ceramics and porcelain slabs and home accessories and furniture, is gearing up to exhibit at the spectacular BIG5 exhibition from 3rd to December 7, 2023. SANSAM is proud to be a representative of the Mico Group in this exhibition and promises to present a unique combination of its latest products.

Mico is a symphony of elegance in ceramics, porcelain slabs, accessories, and home furniture.

Mico Group has been synonymous with sophistication and skill in the world of ceramics, porcelain slabs, accessories, and home furniture for a long time. From porcelain ceramics in different sizes to vanity, kitchen counters, and tables, Mico products have found a place in the homes and hearts of those who appreciate timeless elegance. As we prepare to participate in the BIG5 exhibition, we put our commitment to quality and design at the forefront.

Our collection in this exhibition showcases the latest collection in the ceramic and home furniture industry, which shows the commitment of the Mico Group to provide not only products but an experience to customers. Each product tells a story of meticulous craftsmanship and attention to detail, inviting visitors to discover a world where function beautifully meets seamless aesthetics.

SANSAM is your loyal project partner in Dubai

The guidance of the Mico Group ship is accompanied by the unwavering commitment of SANSAM in Dubai, especially in the GCC. SANSAM offers all the products of the Mico group in Dubai, especially in the Persian Gulf, and is present at the BIG5 exhibition from December 3 to 7, 2023. It invites all those interested in the construction and ceramic industry to visit the booth.

The BIG5 exhibition is where innovation meets opportunity.

Known for bringing together industry leaders, innovators, and enthusiasts, BIG5 is the perfect stage for Mico and SANSAM to shine. From December 3 to 7th, 2023, our booth at Sheikh Rashid Hall, Stand Rashid C221, will be the center of creativity and inspiration.

Visitors to this exhibition can expect an all-round experience and visit the latest ceramics and porcelain slabs, home accessories, and furniture. From classic designs and stone designs to modern slabs of avant-garde concrete design that redefine everyday living, Mico Group’s showcase promises to leave a lasting impression on visitors.

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