Everything about installing ceramic slabs between cabinets

Spacious kitchen with a sizable island and dining table, featuring a sleek slab design

Ceramic slabs can be considered a miracle of modern world decoration. It can be boldly said that the installation of slabs can give any kitchen an eye-catching beauty. Years ago, only slabs were used in the decoration of houses and luxury bottles. Nowadays, fortunately, the use of ceramic slabs in the interior decoration of houses is more common.

In addition to beauty, ceramic slabs have many advantages that make them stand out compared to other wall coverings. In this article from Modern Ideal, we introduce you to the use of slabs between cabinets. Stay with us.

The advantage of installing ceramic slabs between cabinets

The first major advantage of ceramic back slab is its unique beauty. In addition to the beauty, uniformity and eye-catchingness of ceramic slabs, compared to tiles or ceramics that stick together in the form of small pieces; It attracts your attention.

Ceramic slab between the cabinets, a smart choice

The slab can be used in the design of modern and classic kitchens as well as in the renovation of old kitchens. Of course, it should be noted that the use of various types of tiles is still popular in the interior design of residential and industrial kitchens.

اسلب بین کابینت، انتخابی هوشمندانه

The integrated ceramic slab is one of the most luxurious choices that you can use to give your kitchen an impressive look. Of course, compared to the beauty and luxury appearance of slabs, you don’t need to pay exorbitant fees for it. By investing reasonable amounts, you can buy the slab of your choice.

Types of ceramic slabs between cabinets

Large slabs that are used as slabs in kitchen design are made of various materials. Today, you can see all kinds of marble, quartz and porcelain ceramic slabs in stores. The common feature of these pages is their integration.

Maintenance and cleaning of ceramic slabs

One of the practical advantages of porcelain slabs is that it is not difficult to clean. You just need to clean the counter surface; Clean the grease stains from the slab with a napkin. Since the water absorption is close to zero, no grout is used in its connection process; Penetration and stabilization of stains is not seen in this type of wall covering.

نگهداری و تمیزکاری اسلب

If the stain is stubborn, just use a wet cloth and a suitable detergent. Of course, it goes without saying that the polished surface of the slab is also effective in its easy cleaning. Cleaning smooth and polished surfaces is much easier than porous surfaces.

It is better to use a method for cleaning the slab that matches its surface. For example, to clean a concrete slab, consider its porosity. Cleaning stone slabs is more difficult due to water absorption and has its own problems.

Effortless slab

One of the easiest types of slabs is porcelain ceramic model. These plates are very easy to clean and besides being beautiful, they do not require special cleaning.

Fast and reliable

We said before that in some cases, installing ceramic slabs is cheaper than other wall coverings. One of the most important reasons for this is that installing ceramic slabs requires very little time. On the other hand, the tile must be installed one by one on the wall and it takes much more time.

Installation of ceramic slabs

A layer of cement mortar and glue is usually used to install ceramic slabs. This method is very clean and easy, but it must be entrusted to slab installation experts so that it can be implemented in the best possible way. At first, the installer carefully calculates all the sizes. They may even make a model of your design. The slab is cut to the same scale and size in the workshop and then installed in place. This process is somewhat similar to counter installation.

In this article, we discussed the ideal modern slab between kitchen cabinets and its benefits. We hope this article was useful for you.


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