5 steps of installing ceramic slabs in bathroom renovation

A bathroom with sleek marble walls and a pristine white sink on a slab.

Maybe you have thought of adding a bathroom to your home. You may want to build a new bathroom on the ground floor or in the master bedroom where there was no bathroom before. If you have enough space in your home; Building a new bathroom will not be a difficult project. Of course, the necessary condition is that the desired floor is a ceramic slab. In this article from Modern Ideal, we discuss how to set up a new bathroom on ceramic slabs and porcelain ceramics, so stay with us.

You must know that porcelain flooring is one of the most resistant types of flooring. The reason for this is that they have zero water absorption, these floors are very hard and resistant to moisture and detergents.

That is why the planning for the installation of porcelain slabs must be very precise. All work steps must be well calculated to avoid any sabotage. Let us first discuss how to build a bathroom service on Miko porcelain ceramic slabs.

1- Find the location of water and sewer pipes.

Before any action, go to the home water and sewage piping plan. First, carefully find and determine the place where the pipes pass. By doing this, you can make sure that the space you want has all the necessary requirements. If there are no water pipes or sewage in the relevant space; Your work becomes very difficult and maybe impossible. In addition to all this; You should gather all the water and sewage lines and pipes well in the desired place.

2- Specify the desired plan for installing ceramic slabs.

After determining the location of the bathroom, as well as ensuring the condition of the water and sewer pipes, you must determine your desired design. You should finalize this plan before breaking and destroying the floor. Otherwise, you may drill the wrong and extra spaces, and by doing this, the project time will increase unnecessarily.

2- طرح دلخواه برای نصب اسلب سرامیک را مشخص کنید.

Having a plan means knowing exactly where to install the sink, toilet, and bathtub. Remember that for the installation of all these parts, the water and sewage piping must also be installed well. Be sure to specify and mark the exact installation location of these three.

3- Prerequisites for installing porcelain ceramic slabs

After determining the installation location of all parts of the bathroom, for installation, you must smooth and level the cementing of the service wall and floor. This part of the project is very important and necessary and requires a lot of time and attention. You should use skilled cement for this.

Also, there are different types of ceramic adhesive available in the market, for this you should use the appropriate adhesive for ceramic slabs. After preparing the work and buying the right glue, you should carefully install the ceramic slab.

4- Install the bathroom components.

In this part, you have to set up all the components of the bathroom. First, install the water and sewage pipes well and test the connections well.

Then put the various components of the bathroom such as the sink, toilet and tub in their place. Check all connections well.

4- اجزای حمام را نصب کنید.

5- The final installation of porcelain ceramic slabs

In the last step, you should smooth the ceramic floor and wall slabs of the bathroom using the required amount of glue. In all stages, it is better to get advice from the expert installation team. In this article from Modern Ideal, we discussed how to build a bathroom service on a porcelain slab. We hope this article was useful for you.


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