Applications of porcelain ceramic slabs in interior decoration

Lobby of a hotel with marble counter tops and a slab.

Applications of porcelain ceramic slabs in interior decoration

Thanks to the increasing market demand and the researches obtained in technical fields, porcelain ceramic slabs with large dimensions can meet the most diverse needs of large and small project managers. These plates guarantee the resistance and practical versatility of millimeter, and in line with this issue, we examine the applications of porcelain ceramic slabs in interior decoration.

Large ceramic slabs can be placed perfectly together so that there are no gaps between the plates. It is because of this feature that designers have shown great enthusiasm in using this material to have a seamless surface and a unified appearance. Bathroom, kitchen and generally any surface that can be installed can be covered with these ceramic plates. We will mention some of the uses of these slabs.

Walls and floors

As we have mentioned before, the conditions of installing several porcelain ceramics together allow the reduction of seams and gaps. The effect of this continuity and integration leads to a bigger view of the environment. That is, the use of these pages even in the smallest houses or public spaces creates a fundamental and big change in the appearance of the environment.

The reduction of porosity and seams between the spaces covered by these slabs leads to key features such as quick and easy surface cleaning. These features are very important in public spaces. The highest level of cleanliness at high speed is what is considered most important in terms of hygiene. For this reason, hotels, restaurants and office departments with a lot of traffic use large slabs in their sanitary spaces.

Swimming pools and medical centers

In environments where people are constantly in contact with water, it is better to use porcelain ceramic slabs to cover the surfaces. Tiles that have a large format and their thickness has been reduced, have a high resistance to static water loads, and some are also provided with anti-slip technology, which you can use as a pool floor or bathroom tile. If you use 6 mm samples, you can cover spaces like a swimming pool in an engraved and illustrated way.


Nowadays, the quality and beauty, resistance and applications of porcelain ceramic slabs have been proven and approved by many designers and architects. When a ventilation system is used in the facade, the technical performance of the ceramic material and the aesthetic discussion are also questioned. Therefore, it is important that the desired material has high durability and competence in modern architecture.

Urban decor and facade using porcelain ceramic slabs

In an urban space, new projects should be able to coexist properly with elements that already exist in the space, such as buildings or natural parts. Currently, many designers in the municipalities of different regions have added the purchase of ceramic slabs to the list of urban decor equipment. With the help of these plates, it is easy to make sure that in new designs, resistance, adaptability with natural materials, as well as synergy with the surrounding environment can be easily implemented and created.

Imagine that in a part of the urban decor, these plates are used on the floor of the sidewalks and in combination with paving stones and facades. Or to make benches, vases and even fountains from these slabs. Impermeability, durability and easy maintenance make the city always bright and clean.

Interior and exterior decoration with porcelain ceramic slabs

Until a few years ago, the idea of ​​creating ceramic furniture was considered strange and impractical. Today, thanks to the style of porcelain ceramic slabs, ceramic furniture can easily be added to the decoration of different spaces.

This idea has been used in some of the best restaurants in the world. Porcelain slabs have been used in these restaurants to make tables and counters. If you combine this style with metal and steel chairs, you will create a modern and industrial design.

In the interior decoration department, you can use large ceramic plates for the kitchen table, island table or even counters. These plates are light and in brands like Mico brand, they have a lot of variety of covering and texture. The combination of this material with accessories and steel or concrete bars will be very beautiful.

It is interesting to know that the versatility of ceramic slabs is not limited to horizontal surfaces and in today’s era it has even more risky applications. For example, installing them behind a bookshelf, TV, fireplace, bed and even as a closet door is a completely natural thing and the fans It has a lot.

These pages have the ability to reach you in custom or standard sizes. Therefore, you will not have any design limitations. Think freely, change your decoration freely.


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